Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feeling the Funk

With stressful times at work, I have been in a super funk the past few days! We got test results and some of the students who I've been working really hard with actually performed worse than earlier in the year! How is that possible?! Ugh! I don't put too much stock in those tests since really, all it is is one passage that a student reads in 1 minute. They count how many words the student got right and that is their score. Through other tests I do, and our daily work, I know many of those students have improved though, but still! Then right after I read those stupid results, two different students decided to get super sassy with me! Grrrr! I was hoping that coming home to scrap would make me feel better, but I think my frustrated attitude just didn't help! I just could not find the paper I wanted or was just never happy with what I was making! My husband said that I was way too hard on myself. Then I took a break and decided to check my email. I got an email from the makers of those super cute Studio G stamps I wanted (aka, "the precious",) and it turns out that ACMoore is the only store that will carry the stamps. We don't have ACM even close to where I live, so I am out of luck. :-( Waaah! Anyhow, despite the funk, I did complete one more criss cross card. I think came out okay...

Since I don't have much to share of my own work, I would love to share a blog that I often go to for inspiration. She is an awesome stamper and creates work that I can only hope to come close to! Check out Danielle at Fatcatstamper.

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