Friday, March 11, 2011

Another Explosion Box!

Here is another explosion box I'm working on. I love making these! The only problem is, I haven't put any pics in any of the ones I've created! Some of them I am going to give as gifts so my friends will put in their own pics, but one I am keeping for myself and I have yet to finish it! Oh well, here is the newest one I am working on...

I am still looking for something to decorate the tabs with. Here are pics of the inside layers.

I am still working on them, but I like the way they've turned out so far. I would like to add more embellies, but since I'm giving them as gifts, I figure I'll leave them more "blank" so that whoever gets them can embellish the way they would like to. I hope someone will want them!

Thanks for looking!

PP: "McKenna" by K&Company

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