Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Power of Positivity #3

So I went to Micheals today to get some $1 stamps and some other scrapbook supplies. I saw some stickers that were really pretty and that matched a paperpad I just bought. I really wanted them but they were $4. I was bummed! I was hoping that they were either on sale or that I could use my Joanns coupon since Michaels accepts competitor coupons, but alas I had no coupons whatsoever. As I continued to look throughout the store, I kept thinking, "Wow, I really wish I had a coupon!" A few minutes later, I looked over at a display and guess what I saw -- a Micheals ad with a 40% coupon good for today! COOL! Yes, I only saved about $2, but still, the Power of Positivity worked for me! ***Doing the happy dance*** :-)

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