Friday, March 11, 2011

Four Days Off -- The Results

After my knee pain last Saturday, I decided to take a couple days off to let things get better. It's interesting how I was affected by this... I normally work out right after work, but since I wasn't working out, I felt really bummed and disappointed with myself. Instead, I plopped down on the coach, strapped some ice to my knees and scarfed down some Easter candy...and some ice cream...and maybe just one more piece of candy! YUMMMM! OMG -- I was so bad! Then when I was finished, I felt guilty for eating all that crap and not being able to work it off. Oh well! That was one bad thing that happened this week.

Here's one good thing: My feet have returned to looking somewhat normal again! Can I just first say that I have a weird foot thing -- I am slightly obsessed with feet looking cute. I almost did not go out with my husband after meeting him for the first time because when we met, we were at a beach party. He had sandals on which is totally appropriate for the beach, but as soon as I looked down and saw his feet, I was like, "Oh need to cover those things up! I realize socks and sandals are a total no-no, but you just might need an exemption!" Of course I didn't say that though! So anyway, now that I've been running longer miles, my poor little toesies have not been happy! I've had blisters of some sort for nearly 5 weeks! Well, with these 4 days off, they have started looking normal again! Thank goodness too, because these babies need to be sandal-ready in just a few more weeks!

Well, I finally went for a run today after my four days off. I decided to take it easy and only do 3 miles. I figured I would wait to see how I felt after a short run to see if I could be ready for my long 9-miler planned for Saturday. My knees hurt the first mile, but not bad. I'd say, on my pain scale of 1-10 (1 = that's strangely uncomfortable, 10 = call 911 -- I literally can't take another @$#@! step!) my pain during the run was at about a 2 or 3. Not bad! Halfway through the run, I didn't even feel the pain anymore. After I finished my 3 miles, I stretched and iced on the way home. That was a few hours ago -- so far, so good! As long as I am feeling decent tomorrow, I'll be hitting the road for 9 miles come Saturday. Cross your fingers for me!

As a side note, my run today was really nice. The weather was beautiful! It was about 55 degrees and the sun was shining. The snow was all gone and I could finally see the green grass and trails meandering through the trees. I can't WAIT to hit those. The path I run along has a lot of wildlife too and I could hear frogs and peepers singing their springtime songs. I LOVE days like today! Can't wait for more!

***Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes -- I have changed my blog layout...again! I know...I change the stupid thing practically every month! What can I say...I get bored easily!***

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