Saturday, April 2, 2011


Today, while I was at my local grocery, I was looking for some blueberries. At first glance, I picked these up and put them in my cart only to realize, they were not blueberries at all! They were tiny little grapes called, "Champagne Table Grapes". I've never seen anything like them before! They were too cute and at only $1.50 for the whole container, I couldn't pass them up.

I'm so glad I didn't! These little babies are SO sweet and juicy! I couldn't pick them off the stems fast enough! I polished off one of the four bunches in just a few minutes. I will definitely have to pick up some more. If you see them, give them a try!


Well after tasting fantastic mangoes in Hawaii, I was really jonesing for some more mango. I remembered that I had some frozen mango in my freezer and I decided to finally try one of the desserts I've been wanting to make, Mango Strawberry Cobbler. The recipe is pretty simple to follow and quick to put together. The topping, with cornmeal, was a little different than I expected though. I decided to just follow the recipe as is to see how I liked it. After baking for 45 minutes, I quickly dove in. The hot mango just melted in my mouth with a burst of flavor. It was SO yummy! The strawberries were equally sweet and a good compliment to the mango. The fruit was wonderful! The topping was just okay though. It was a little grainy with the cornmeal which I could have done without. My husband had the same feeling -- loved the fruit but not the somewhat grainy topping. The next time I make this, I will definitely have to use a different topping recipe. Any suggestions?! The fruit though -- mmmmmm, so fab!

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