Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scared to Go the Distance?

First, an update on my workout with my new video from yesterday. Mark this one down everyone -- my husband was...right! I said that I really felt the workout while I was doing it, but felt fine afterwards. My husband warned me that I'd be sore the next day. Well, all I can say is that video kicked my bootie! My butt is so sore, it is unreal! That video did it's job, that's for sure! I am hoping my 8 mile run tomorrow will help get the soreness out. Speaking of my 8 miles...

This is weird to say, but I'm kind of scared/anxious about my 8 mile run tomorrow. My plan was to do 7 miles last week, 8 this week, 9, then 10. Take a week off, then the following week, is my 10 mile race. Well, as you may have read in an earlier post, my 7 mile run turned to NOT be 7 miles (@$%@$@ Nike + iPod!) It was instead only 6.6 miles. That means my long run tomorrow needs to be 1.2 miles longer than last week! I've never added that many miles before to a long run and I have never run 8 miles EVER in my LIFE! I'm scared that I'm not going to accomplish my goal. I guess I need to just put that aside, get some jammin tunes synced up to my iPod, and get out there and do it! Send out some good vibes for me please!

Oh, as a little side note, I received my first issue of Runner's World magazine yesterday! Guess that makes me official, right? When do I learn the secret handshake? :-)

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