Thursday, June 9, 2011

Braving the Snow

So Tuesday, we had a big snow storm. More than 200 local schools were called off, including mine! It was a nice day of relaxation. By Wednesday, the roads were mostly clear enough for school to be back in session, but the snow did not let up all day! We ended up having to do an early dismissal. The busses were called in and the kids went home 15 minutes early. All of the teachers followed suit, exchanging horror stories of what they envisioned the roads to be like. What was I doing? Putting on my running clothes! Everyone thought I was crazy! I braved the blustery snow and went for a cold, but beautiful 3 mile run. By the end, my shoe laces and the bottoms of my pants were coated in ice, but I felt great! I almost wanted to take a pictures of my frozen laces and pants as a record of my perseverance towards reaching my running goals, but alas, by the time I got home I was all thawed out. Oh well. At least I'll have this blog post as a record of my insanity...I mean, committment!

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