Wednesday, October 6, 2010

TWD: Blueberry Sour Cream Ice Cream

When I first saw that ice cream was on the agenda for Tuesdays with Dorie, I figured I would have to skip it since I don't have an ice cream maker. I've actually made ice cream before with bags, ice, and rock salt, but it's such a pain in the butt and I wasn't ready for that! Then I went over the TWD blog and saw a bunch of people raving over this recipe, which by the way, was chosen by Delores at Chronicles in Culinary Curiosity. So that got me thinking... hmmm, I wonder if maybe this one is worth a little effort. I put that thought in the back of my mind and then headed out to a family get together. Well, wouldn't you know it, my DH's cousin's wife was serving birthday cake and... homemade ice cream! She made ice cream simply out of the extra cake batter she had and it was FAB. U. LOUS. AHH! I knew I had to have an ice cream maker after that!

After asking around, I decided on getting the Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker. I then found out that Williams-Sonoma offers this ice cream maker for about $1o more than most places BUT, it comes with an extra freezer bowl which retails for $30 itself! (Thanks Joelen!)
It just so happened that I was meeting my friend a few days later for lunch at a place right next to a mall that has a Williams-Sonoma in it! WOO HOO! It was meant to be! So anyhow, I now have my little ice cream making baby! Isn't it cute!

As soon as I got it home, I washed all the needed parts and placed the freezer bowls in the freezer. I then started making the mix for the blueberry ice cream. (Check out Delores's blog for the recipe.) I noticed that the recipe yielded just 1 pint. Well I wanted to really test my machine out, so I decided to double the recipe. The only other change I made was in regards to the sour cream. A lot of people on the TWD blog were saying that this recipe had a little too strong of a sour cream taste, so I actually used a little less than the recipe stated. I mixed the ingredients as directed and popped it in the fridge for the night.

In the morning, the mixture and the freezer bowl were ready! I quickly assembled the machine and poured the blueberry mixture in. I licked the spoon that I used to help the mixture along and was very pleased at how it tasted so far! It was a bit reminescent of a blueberry cheesecake. Yum!

A short 20 minutes later, the ice cream was ready! I spooned it into a quart container and popped it into the freezer for a few hours. After a long day, I finally pulled it out and made myself a bowl. It was SOOOO yummy! It was nice and creamy with a strong blueberry and sour cream taste! For me, the amount of sour cream was perfect. It mellowed out the sweetness of the blueberry, but didn't overpower it. And look how pretty it is! I will definitely make this again! Thanks Delores for choosing this fabulous recipe!

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