Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Review: Twilight

***Spoiler Alert*** Well, it took me just two days, but I finished Twilight! Overall, the story was a fun read that certainly didn't require any "deep" thinking on my part, which is sometimes good. It was definitely entertaining. What I didn't like about it though was that the relationship between Bella and Edward I found to be juvenile. Of course they are in high school so HELLO? of course it's going to be! I don't know, I guess I was just hoping for something deeper. For most of the story, all Bella talks about is how "beautiful" and "godlike" (ironically enough) Edward, her vampire beau is. And Edward is mesmerized by how different she is from the other girls at school (classic) and how her scent is intoxicating to him. Hmmm, would he love her as much if she didn't smell so yummy to him? A question all of us ladies ponder! I digress.... Anyhow, their love affair is innocent and endearing. Their "us against the world" attitude is little much for me at times though. She wants him to give her the "kiss of death," if you will, but he refuses. He refuses to take away the life that still lies before her, yet she is convinced that a life without him is a life not worth living. Hey sister -- You're 17! Quit being so darn dramatic! Yet, I believe I said those same things too at 17 -- hmm....

While I wanted to yell at the young and naive Bella at times, the character of Edward kept me turning page after page. I found him to be a far more intriguing character with complexities that Bella simply can't match. I kept begging the author to tell me more about him! She refused to give in to me, at least yet. (Character development is not strong in this book.) So it appears that I will have to read the other books in the series to delve deeper in the mind of our young, "godlike" vamp and to see how his and Bella's tortured romance unfolds.

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