Sunday, June 10, 2012

A New Goal -- Is It Within My Reach?

I am pretty excited about my time from yesterday's race. When I look at my 5 mile time, I ended up with 43:03 and even then, that includes that first mile where I had to walk/jog the first half mile or so just fighting through the crowd. Why is that significant for me? Well, my first 5K race was on March 15th. I entered in my finish time using the McMillan Calculator and it said that my 5 mile race equivalent time should be 43:55. My time from yesterday beat that! Yea -- that means that I am surely improving!

So when I went to enter my time and splits onto my training calendar and I noticed that I have another race coming up in just three weeks! I have my first 10K, the Jim Klett Memorial 10K. I went back the McMillan Calculator and entered in my 5 mile time to figure out what my equivalent time would be for a 10K and it gave me a 54:02. I then went to check out some of the previous years' results for the race and it turns out, if I run a 54:02, I have a chance at placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in my age group! (That time would've place in every year I found except 2004.) That would be SO cool if I could place! SO, that is my new goal -- I want to work as hard as I can to get under 54:00 in order to have chance at placing! I wonder why the times from previous years seem to be above that though. In my past two races, my times have been blown out of the water! I wonder if the times are little slower because the 10K course is harder, or maybe it's just because there are so few people that come out for this race. (The 2006 race results I found only listed 136 participants. My 10-miler race had more participants than that in just my age group!) Oh well, no matter the reason, my goal is to work my butt off over the next three weeks to do the best I can at my first 10K! I really want to place, but to keep from getting my hopes up too much, I'll just keep my goal time-focused and shoot for a sub 54...with the secret hope of placing! I hope both are within my reach!

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