Sunday, June 10, 2012

Magic is All Around!

Wow, it's been awhile since I've blogged! It's back to school for me, so I haven't had as much time to craft and blog. I had today off (for MLK day) and decided to try a project from the SplitCoast Stampers Resource page. I decided to try their "Magic Card". It's really cool because it has this card that you slide out and when you pull it, the stamped image goes from boring black and white to color! I'm still trying to make my card slide better, but here is one of my first attempts.

What do you think? Pretty cute?! Like I said, I'm still working on making it better. Have you ever done a card like this? Ideas/tips on how to make it slide easier. Hmmmm.

And here is another one I made with a little owl stamp. He's a Studio G $1 stamp. I haven't stamped on a sentiment yet. I'll do that whenever I decide to use it.

I mainly wanted to learn how to make these cards because I thought they were super cute. I also wanted to make them though because I thought they would be cool to sell. You don't see cards like "magic cards" a lot -- at least I don't! (Do you think people would buy a card like this? How much would you be willing to pay, if anything?)

So as you may remember, I have a goal this year to start selling my crafts, so I stopped at this local store that rents space to crafters. YIKES -- It costs way more than I thought! Just to rent a space is $38-200 per month based on the size and location of the booth. Then they get a 12% commission. EEEK! I could never sell enough cards or paper crafted items to even cover my rent cost! Looks like I'll be looking into Etsy more. Anyone have tips?!

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