Monday, November 5, 2012

Sundays Make Me Want to Rebel Against Adulthood

There, I said it. Sundays...They make me want to rebel against adulthood. I should just be excited that I get the day off of work and enjoy my time off, but for some reason, I just can't! I find that my mind is instead consumed with thoughts of the upcoming week and all of the grown-up things I have to...
  1. Plan out the meals for the week so I don't spend half of every weeknight staring blankly into the fridge thinking, "So what will it be tonight?" only to think of nothing and end up eating cereal or nachos.
  2. Go grocery shopping so that we actually have food to eat other than cereal or nachos.
  3. Grade mountains of papers and do lesson plans, because goodness knows I have no time to do that at work. (What a concept that would be!)
  4. Think about paying bills. Did I pay those yet, or are they late....again?
  5. Clean the house which is a never-ending task.
  6. Do laundry so that I actually have clothes to wear.
  7. Fold clothes, only to look up at the clock and see that it's already time to go to bed. What happened to the day?! Just like that, it's gone. As I finally lie in bed at night, I do my best to subdue my frustration in losing my "day off" and work my best to keep the psycho, gun-toting kitty inside of me from blasting flame throwing gun. (see post below!)

As Sunday ends, my frustration with adulthood and it's lack of fun as of late continues to grow, and lately, it goes exponentially. I don't want to do all those boring, mundane things. Here's what Sunday should entail:

I will wake up around 9 or 10ish, then eat breakfast in bed. Breakfast consists of eating cereal, eggs, or pancakes and as many @#$@#$! pieces of bacon (cripy of course) as I want! (And by the way, in my perfect world, I can eat as much bacon as I want and my clothes will still fit like a dream.) After lounging and relaxing with my husband and our kitties, my DH and I will discuss our plans for the day: Option A -- Stay in pajamas all day and lounge around. I'll probably read or scrapbook while he plays videogames or watches tv. Then we'll run out and rent a couple of movies and watch them while gorging ourselves on gummy bears and other candies. (Again, candy does not affect my waist line in this perfect world!) Option B -- If it's a nice day, we'll go for a walk in the park and maybe even have a picnic. Later we'll grill out and have a nice dinner on the back deck, just sitting and talking. If it's not a nice day, we'll likely resort to Option A!

No matter what we do though, it will all be for the sole purpose of relaxing and spending our time doing things that we enjoy! Ugh! I so miss the freedoms of my youth! Work and adultlife is so crazy stressful! GRRRRRR! I think the past few weeks have been especially stressful because I am teaching a new content area this year which has WAY more paperwork AND I started tutoring after school. I wasn't going to do it at all, but then two other teachers got in a real bind and had to back out. They simultaneously offered up my services and with much regret, I accepted. I thought I could handle the extra workload, but I am buckling! I hope one of them can pick up their tutor group again. These 10 hour days are killing me. And that is why I need my beloved, nonwork, nonadult Sundays.

That's it...I am going to PROTEST! Tomorrow is going to be "No Work, All Fun Sunday"! Oh wait, I have friends coming over this Friday and need to get ready for that. I do need to get my plans done for school too... Okay, next Sunday is No Work, All Fun Sunday! Oh no, that's the Sunday before Thanksgiving...gotta get stuff ready for the holiday dinner... The next Sunday? No, I've got big plans on that day already. Oh geez, I give up! Maybe, there'll be a Sunday in December? Pray for me!

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