Monday, December 6, 2010

Avoiding My Run!

I had such a bad day at work today! Actually, I hate to say it, but I've been having a couple of bad days now! The school year is coming to an end, and unfortunately, the kids think school is already over. "Who needs to do WORK?! Rules -- What are those? We're not here to learn -- we're here to chat with friends and hook up!" AHHHHHH! I'm pulling my hair out! And as much as they hate listening to me nag/yell at them, trust me, I hate having to do it! I'd love to just sit back at my desk and not be frustrated with the fact that I've asked them to be quiet 3x and they're STILL talking...I've asked them not to pass notes and there they are, passing them not more that 3 feet away...I've asked them to be where they're supposed to be, and yet instead I find them roaming the halls when there not supposed to, or even inviting kids from other classes into ours to chit chat. WHAT?! And then when I call them out on it, they're going to (a) lie through their teeth or (b) yell back at me?! Oh goodness. Anyways, today was enough to put me in a major funk. At the end of the day, once everyone left, I just put my head down on my desk. I did NOT want to lift it up! I contemplated doing my 4 mile run. At first I figured that I would just skip today and go running tomorrow. But then I remembered that I have a chiro appt tomorrow and won't be able to run. So, I begrudgingly marched to the closet/restroom and changed to go running. Just as I mustered the courage to walk out the back door, I noticed it looked a little gray out. The forecast said no rain until later... Well, as soon as I walked out, it started raining. I thought, "Well, this is my omen -- no running today." Well wouldn't you know it, by the time I drove to the end of my school's driveway, it had stopped raining! UGH! I thought, "Well, that's fine. I'll just run at home." Well after I got home, I still couldn't shake my bad school day. I was just so frustrated. I peeked at Accuweather and once I saw the radar and wind gusts, I decided to scrap my run. I probably should have gone, but oh well. I was just too mad! (It's hours later and I'm STILL fuming!) At least I only have a few more days left of school...14 school days to be exact.

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