Friday, December 3, 2010

Is It Time for A Hobby Switch?

AHHH, it has been a week since my last post. Very bad -- and it has been even longer since I've posted any crafty stuff. WHOA. And here it is...the first symptom of what I've deemed, "the hobby switch". My husband laughs at me about this, but I just can not stick with one hobby for any long period of time. For awhile, I was really into my fishtank and aquascaping. That kept my busy through the winter, but once spring came around, I was all about gardening. When fall came, that went to the wayside and I got into knitting. After about 20 scarves, I got into scrapbooking. Love that, but lost some of my mojo and started reading. Read about 20 books in two months and then started scrapbooking again. The winter months were still waning on though and I missed plants, so I started growing African Violets...lots of them! Now they are doing their own thing and I tried to get back into scrapbooking. Not a lot of pics to scrap though, so I started making cards. Well, that's been fun, but now I have this goal to run a 1/2 marathon, so now running has become my new obsession. In the past three weeks, I bought new running shoes, clothes, and have subscribed to Runner's World mag. Until I get it, I've been reading back issues from the library. What's funny about all of this though, is that I totally focus ALL of my energy into that one hobby of the moment. Since I finished those scarves, haven't picked up a needle since then. Since I finished my last of those 20 books, not a single one since then. I have been all or nothing baby!

Through all of my "hobby switches" though, I have always run. Maybe not so much in the winter, but while it's nice out, I usually try to get in 2-4 miles every other day. It's only now that I'm really started to think competitively about it again. SO, I am hoping this isn't a TOTAL "hobby" switch. For one, I'd like to think that running isn't just a "hobby" for me. I've been running off and on since high school, which for me has been about 10 years. It's the one thing I've stuck with to some degree this whole time. I'd like to think it is more of a lifestyle for me. I am hoping with this new goal, that will solidify it for me. The other reason I hope this isn't a "hobby switch" for me is simply because I still like scrapping and cardmaking. I just need to make sure to find time for it in between work, keeping this endlessly messy house clean, (how does that happen with just two people living here?!,) and running. Wish me luck!

Anyhow, here is an Easter card I made a few weeks back. It's actually cuter in person. I used some spring themed paper I got a Target.

I hope to have more to share soon!

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