Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wilton Cake 1: Please Don't Laugh!

So yesterday was my first real Wilton 1 Decorating Class. I say, real, because for the first one, we just watched our instructor decorate. Last night, we finally got to play with some frosting! Before that though, I had to bake and frost a cake. I baked the cake on Tuesday, and headed over to my friend's house the following day to frost the cake and prepare our icings before class. So it was me and four other girls and we thought 2 1/2 hours would be pleeeenty of time to do all that. Yeah... not so much!

As soon as we all arrived, we immediately started making the frosting. A few people worked on that, while the rest of us trimmed the cakes, cut them into layers, filled the cake, then stacked the layers. (I filled mine with a lemon meringue pudding. YUM and super easy!) Once the cakes were all set, we finally started icing. We quickly found out that one bowl of frosting was not going to be enough. DUH! We started making frosting like crazy! Confectioners sugar was flying everywhere! It was hilarious! Well once we had enough, we continued frosting. The instructor made it look so easy when she showed us. For some reason, mine didn't quite look like hers! :-) None of my other friend's cake did either, so we all just laughed! After that, we speedily made our colored icings while stuffing pizza in our faces. We cleaned up, packed our bags, and raced out the door without a minute to spare.

As I ran out to my car, I placed my cake on the roof of the car to arrange all of my supplies inside. I placed my keys in the ignition and was just about to rev her up and I remembered my cake! I nearly drove off with my cake still on the roof! AHHH! I would have totally cried if anything happened to my cake! Luckily, I saved it though. After grabbing my cake, I finally headed over.

Once we got to JoAnns, we set up and got to work. Long story short, the instructor had us practice making stars and writing letters. Let's just say that I have a whole new appreciation for the girls at our local bakery! :-) We finally got to work on our cakes. I wanted to just make some fall leaves. We had more trouble than I thought sharing the icings in the time we had, so I just used two colors of leaves instead of three. I didn't place my leaves on the way I wanted to either. Oh well! I also seem to run out of time too. I wanted to put a top border and a bottom border, but I was only to finish my final leaf with a few minutes to spare. I could have put on the border if I REALLY wanted to, but I have to admit, I was pretty tired by then. After a long day's work, a crazy cake frosting episode, and a two hour class, by 8:30, I was D.O.N.E!

While the people over at Ace of Cakes, or even, my local grocery store bakery are nowhere near in danger of losing a job to ME, I think my cake turned out at least half way decent. I still think it looks like a 4 year old did it, but everyone keeps saying it looks good. They must feel sorry for me! Oh well, I can only improve from here, right?!

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