Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A New Look

No, your eyes are not deceiving blog looks totally different...again! With the weather finally breaking and spring clearly upon us, I got tired of my dark black background so I decided to just go with a basic, Blogger layout. I think the lighter colors are more uplifting and the Blogger layouts are more user friendly. So anyhow...I hope you like the new look!

Speaking of other things that have a new look, the weather here in NE Ohio has been AWESOME lately. The past week or so has been in the 60s and 70s and has been just gorgeous! All the flowers and trees are blooming, and all of my plants are coming up wonderfully. People in the neighborhood have started mowing their lawns, and I don't know about you, but that first smell of fresh cut grass in the spring is one of my favorite smells! I generally don't like spring because of all the rain, but this past week has been just perfect! All winter long the windows have been shut tight, but all this week, I've finally been able to throw them open. Even now, a nice cool breeze is coming in, carrying with it the scent of hyacinths. Mmmmm! And the pic above is of the view I have right outside that window. This is a look I've been waiting all winter for!

Well, on a personal note...all this running has given me a bit of a new look! Nothing dramatic, but I have lost 5 pounds. A couple people have noticed, which is always nice, but the fact that some of my clothes now fit again -- beautiful! Apparently though, it seems that some people aren't ready for my new look...

So I went on a 4.5 mile run today and since it was so nice, I decided to wear one of my new running skirts. It was cute, but shorter than what I am used to wearing. No biggie I thought. So as I am running out of my school parking lot to go running, I see a huge pack of boys running towards me. I'm thinking, "Oh no...please don't let ANY of my former students be in that pack!" I was already self conscious about running in my new skirt, I certainly didn't need a bunch of 13-14 year olds boys running at me making goofy faces or comments, much less ones I knew! Well, sure enough, I hear a couple of kids say, "Hey, that's my old teacher!" Oh we go. I try to say hi and be all nonchalant about it, but I was surprised to see that they were totally embarrassed and uncomfortable! I said hi but they all ducked away and avoided eye contact at all costs! I thought it was actually pretty funny! I mean hello?! Yeah, your teachers do have lives outside of school and they do wear things other than heels and dress clothes! The funny thing was, later during my run, I ran into a pack of girls running and sure enough, a few of my students were in that pack too. Their reaction was totally different! They were screaming my name before I even saw them. They were smiling as they came up to me and we gave high fives as we passed each other. They were totally cool while the boys were just totally awkward! I guess seeing their former teacher in a little running skirt and sleeveless shirt was a little too much for them! What a riot! ( be honest, it was a little much for me too. I need to start running at home, where the chances of me running into students (literally) is minimized! Just too weird in some circumstances! Still, pretty funny!)

So anyhow, I did finish my 4.4 mile run but was pretty tired by the end. I sure hope I can pull this 10 mile run out on Saturday. Now I'm especially worried though because I looked at the weather forecast, and not only are they calling for possible thunderstorms, but the wind gusts are forecasted to be up to 24 mph! Holy guacamole! Much of the course will be right along Lake Erie though too which means the winds will really be whipping! OMG! Maybe instead of running shoes, I should just wear those Heelies (you know, those shoes with wheels in them) and let the wind propel me forward. That could actually be pretty fun! :-)

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