Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Vacay Report: Luau!

After a day of shopping yesterday, DH and I did a little bit more snorkeling this morning, and then went to a luau tonight. The luau was awesome! First, we got to see how they cooked the pork in an underground pit called an Imu.

Then we piled our plates with tons of food. DH got two plates just for himself! Here's his plate of sides...

After eating, the dancing performances started. They performed traditional Hawaiian dances but also did a few dances from other Indonesian islands. It was very cool!

One of the performances was actually kind of funny -- one of the dancers had to do these crazy poses and faces and as soon as he turned to one side of the stage, a little kid started screaming in terror! The dancer actually started to laugh a little!

They finished off the evening with a totally awesome performance from a fire dancer!

This was one of the coolest, most fun experiences I've had on our vacation so far! Oh, and this (down below) wasn't too bad of way to end the evening either...

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