Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My New Invention

So the past three days, I have been icing my knees almost constantly. As soon as I take the ice off, my knees feel great -- I feel invincible! I even decided to work out on my elliptical last night for 30 minutes and even did a few squats to the test the knees out. Felt great! I put more ice on after the workout and then later went to bed. Unfortunately though, when I got up this morning, there was still a twinge of pain in my left knee. GRRRR! I've decided that if icing is the answer, then I must ice 24/7. I must ice not just after my run, but DURING my run! I need to invent an ice pack sleeve to go over my knee. That'll keep it nice and cool the whole time! And while I'm at it, I might as well make it fashionable! I can make it in all different colors -- I can get one to match my shoes, one to match my running pants, one to match whatever mood I'm in that day! WAIT -- Just got an idea -- I can even make character ones! I can make a Hello Kitty one! OMG -- love it! I can add sparkley bling to it in a million different designs! And after exploring my fashion options, I can then work on making it more functional too. I can make a little pouch to hold my awesome magical Sports Beans, I can build a Garmin into it so that it can track my miles, I can even program a little voice inside that says, "You go girl!" every mile! What do you think?! I think this could be my solution! :-)

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