Monday, May 2, 2011

What's It Like to Run Pain Free?

It seems like my knees have been bothering me for so long now (7 weeks!) that I can't even remember what it's like to run withOUT them hurting. My right knee is pretty much good to go, but I feel like I am back to square one with my left. I was just starting to run 5 miles with little/no pain in either knee, then I had my 10 mile race. Now my left knee is right back to where it was. It hurts to run, walk, go down stairs...even sit sometimes! GRRRR. I went to my chiro yesterday and he was equally frustrated. He is now thinking I may need some additional work. He now believes the muscle in the front of my lower leg (the same one responsible for shin splints) may be too tight and consequently contributing to the problem. So, to loosen it up, he did some deep tissue torture AKA "massage". OMG, the pressure was so intense, I was like, "Ummm, excuse this supposed to feel excrutiating?" He chuckled and said, "Just one level below that." Yeah, I don't know that he went down that one level! Anyhow, he still did the adjustments and then told me to ice the rest of the evening. I felt much better walking out of the office than I did walking in, so I guess that's a good thing. Still though, I am so over this knee thing. I just want to run and stop thinking about my knees for a change! Oh well. At least I don't have any big races to train for coming up soon. I guess I can keep the mileage low for awhile and do some of my other workouts for awhile.

Speaking of my next races, I am undecided as to what to do next. I had originally planned on doing a Memorial Day 5K. It's on that Monday and they're serving a pancake breakfast afterwards. Sounds fun! But then a coworker was telling me about a race that same weekend that she is doing. It's on that Sunday and is a 5.25 mile race -- The Motorcars Blossom Time run. (Weird distance huh?! I tried to find out if there was any significance to it...nadda!) She really likes the course and has great things to say about the race. So, now I have to decide. After running both a 5K and a 10 miler, I can honestly say that I like the longer distances better. A 5K is too short to make up for any pacing mistakes, and I feel like I have to run hard the whole time. The longer distance is nice, because you can make pacing adjustments throughout and I don't feel like I'm sprinting the whole the race. Endurance is my thing -- not speed! So anyhow, what do you think? (A) The 5K is at a distance I don't like, but they have better food or (B) 5.25 mile run is a good distance, but I don't think there's many yummies afterwards. Hmmmmm..... My DH says I should just do both! I don't know about that though! Well, whichever run I choose, my goal at this point is simply to get to the starting line healthy!

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