Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gearing Up for the Hermes 10-Miler

So I asked Dr. Craig the other day if I still had the OK to run my 10-Mile race this weekend and he said "absolutely yes!" I'm not sure if I'm excited or scared that he said yes! Of course I'm glad that I get to do it since (1) I was really moving my training along prior to the injury and felt so good about it, but also (and possibly more so...) (2) I totally want that finishers medal and tech shirt and (3) I already paid for the race! (Yes...I'm a cheapo!) As sad as it is, #2 is probably my primary reason for running this stupid thing! Plus, I'm hoping it'll be fun. There's supposed to be music on the course and a concert afterwards. I just hope the weather holds up. They are forecasting rain/thunderstorms all day Saturday, especially in the morning. Ugh!

So anyhow, it looks like I only have 3 days left before the race. I went running Saturday and yesterday -- 3.1 miles both times. I only did 3 since Dr. Craig said to keep the mileage low at first. I felt twinges of pain here and there, but overall, I felt WAY better than I have in weeks! I'm just so worried though that the pain will come roaring back mid race. I mean, I felt good doing 3.1, but that's WAY different than 10! I know that I'll just have to really concentrate on my form. My other concern though is that my longest run to date is just 9 miles. Now one more mile isn't that much of a big deal, what is a big deal to me though is the fact that I ran those 9 miles nearly 3 weeks ago! Since then, all I've done is piddly 2-3 mile runs! Even then, my last two runs were tiring towards the end. I sure hope I have the endurance to go 10 miles! I remember writing this myself though -- it's all mental. I have to work on convincing myself I can do it before I even step up to the line, right?! Any help with that out there?! really...HELP ME!

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