Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacay Report Days 4-5: Turtle Paparazzi

We had a relaxing day yesterday laying around by the pool and shopping at some local plazas. Today we got up early and went on a snorkeling excursion. I love snorkeling and couldn't wait to try to get some good turtle pics. As soon as we got out to our site, I immediately started turtle searching, but I had no luck. I decided to just try to enjoy all of the other things there and started snapping some pics. All of a sudden, I felt my husband yelling for me. I turned to see what all the commotion was all about and there he was, right next to a turtle! The water was so clear and beautiful, I was so excited to be able to get awesome pics of one of my favorite animals. I took on my role as the turtle paparazzi and snapped through a whole roll of film in just minutes. It was so awesome! I saw two turtles swimming around each other with tons of beautiful fish all around. I was so psyched! And I got so close to them too, I could easily reach my hand out and touch them! (I didn't of course though!) I hurried back to the boat to change my film so I could snap a few more pics. Imagine my dismay when the stupid camera wouldn't rewind the film! I opened the back to see what was going on and the film hadn't moved at all which means that I had totally exposed the last few pics! AHHH! I was so upset! I fiddled with the stupid thing for 10 minutes before I finally gave up. I crossed my fingers that some of the pics would still turn out and jumped back in.

I was fortunate enough to have another turtle encounter. I saw a huge one come up to the surface for air and then dive deep down into a cave-like structure in the coral. Awesome!

After our excursion, my DH and I headed to the local Walmart so I could develop my pics. I couldn't wait to see how my broken camera pics turned out... if at all. Well an hour later, the results were in -- I had lost the last 9 pics because of exposing the film BUT I did still get 4-5 somewhat decent turtle pics. I wanted to cry -- the best pics were the last few! I was at least happy that I got some pics though and was very happy I even had the opportunity to see them.

Cooking side note: while waiting for the pics, I found some Hawaiian cookbooks. One was an entire cookbook dedicated to Mochi, AKA rice flour. I was so psyched because the only thing I make with Mochi is a baked dessert which I actually found 3 different versions of in the cookbook! I've been wondering how else I could use this awesome ingredient. This cookbook would have been perfect except for the fact that almost every recipe required at least 1 ingredient that I totally could not even recognize much let find in good ole Ohio. So sad!

After we got back from Walmart, it was nearly sunset and my husband wanted to get some sunset pics on the beach so we grabbed our good camera and immediately ran out to the beach. My husband got out there a little before me -- I'm such a slowpoke! After my big disappointment of so-so turtle pics, imagine my excitement when I heard my husband yelling to me -- "Hurry over! There are turtles right here on the beach!" I ran over there and saw two turtles resting right on the beach! Being able to get that close to a sea turtle and to take some awesome pics to remember the experience was phenomenal! My fave Hawaii experience so far!

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