Sunday, February 12, 2012

TWD: Granola Grabbers

Michelle over at Bad Girl Baking chose this week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe: Granola Grabbers! (Click on her blog name for the recipe.) I was glad to see a cookie recipe as I needed something that could be whipped up quickly. These were different too -- a break from my usual chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. The only problem I had was finding plain granola. The best I could find was a granola cereal with just almonds. Once I got it home though, I had to break up some of the big chunks in the cereal for the recipe. Yikes -- that stuff was super jagged! I felt like I was trying to break up chunks of coal! Once that was finished though, they were really easy to put together. I mixed in some peanuts and both regular and golden raisins. I left out the coconut though since I know some of my DH's family doesn't like it.

I think the cookies came out really good. They reminded me of an oatmeal cookie crossed with a little peanut butter cookie. Yum! I also liked how this cookie had a few healthy ingredients such as the granola and wheat germ. It made eating the cookies feel a little less guilt-ridden! The recipe was fun too considering all the variations you could do. I think that if I make these again, I'd definitely like to play around a little more and try some different add-ins like maybe dried cherries and more almonds. Mmmmmm!

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