Monday, September 10, 2012

I Won, I Won!

Woo Hoo! I have never won ANY contest before, but things are about to change! In case you didn't read my post below, I entered a contest on Sheetload of Cards to win a set of Studio G clear stamps. To enter, you had to do certain things to promote their Ezine which is posted monthly on their blog. You could do a blog post, put up a blinkie, post on a message board, etc, and every time you did that, your name was entered. Well, after the deadline, it turned out that 50 people promoted the blog with 324 entries. From those 324 entries, five names were drawn. My name was one of the five! Woo hoo! Then, of the five, one was chosen for the main prize (which were the stamps) and that name was...(drum roll)...ME! I am so excited!

One thing that I think is interesting is that right now, I have been focusing more on positive thinking! I'm reading a book now about the Law of Attraction (kind of like The Secret) which basically says, you get what you ask for. If you put out a negative vibe and all you do is think about things or say things in a negative way, you are bringing more negativity in your life. If you put out a positive vibe and think and speak of yourself and your situation in more positive ways, more positive things will come your way. So normally for contests I've entered, I think, "Oh, I'm never going to win. I never win anything. Why'd I bother entering?" But instead, for the past two weeks, I've been thinking, "Lots of people win contests and I can too! This is my time!" Well it looks like it may have helped because I did win. :-)

While I've been thinking positively these past weeks about winning, I am still totally shocked to win and SO excited! WOO HOO! I can't wait to receive the stamps and do all sorts of fun things with them! ***Doing the happy dance!***

Oh, and by the way, even though I don't get any more entries into any contests for Sheetload, you should check them out. They just put up their new Ezine for the month of January. In case you haven't checked them out yet, every month they put out an Ezine with a card sketch and directions for how to make 6-12 cards at once. It's great way to get a lot of cards done in a short amount of time. And just think too, with all of the cards you can make in the short time, you can have more to donate to Cards for Heroes if you want! That's what I'll be doing. In fact, I better get going on getting that package together!

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