Monday, September 10, 2012

Whoa! I've Been BOSed!

Say what? Okay, I'll explain! I go on this one scrapbooking website a lot -- Two Peas in a Bucket. They have message boards where I get tons of advice and questions answered, and they also have a gallery where I can post my own work to get feedback or check out other people's work. Anyhow, there is a feature which used to be called the "Book of Scraps" -- anytime you liked someone's work and wanted to save it for future reference/inspiration, you could save it to your Book of Scraps or BOS. (It's now called Bookmarking, but everyone still refers to it as BOS.) Anyhow, I've recently started posting some of my work and for the first time, someone BOSed one of my projects! Woot woot! (It was the red, pink, and silver Valentine card below.) Wow, someone actually liked something made by little 'ole me? Cool beans! :-)

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