Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Training Begins!

Wow, it's been nearly a week now since my last blog entry. I have been busy with school and have just been in a general funk, so the inspiration to blog just hasn't been there. Anyhow, I did want to update on one of my goals for the year and that is to run a half marathon! I have NEVER done one before, but I need something concrete to motivate myself to get off the couch, so, there you have it! Anyhow, I'm happy to report that my half marathon training has officially begun! A coworker recommended this tool on the Runner's World website called Smart Coach. You enter in your last race time and the type of race you want to train for, and it gives you a whole workout schedule. Pretty cool! Well, the half marathon I want to run is the Cleveland Clinic River Run and it isn't until September 7th. The plan I got on Smart Coach is a 16-week plan, but I figured the sooner I start training, the better! In fact, my one coworker suggested setting a spring goal for myself. So, I decided to start training for a 5K in the spring. I told my teaching partner, (who is starting to run) about it and she found one in March AND signed up! WHOA, that's just a month away! I think I am going to do it with her though.

So, my training started on Feb. 1st. I just ran once around my development. I hated it though because we live on the middle of a big hill, so half of my run is downhill (awesome) but the other half is uphill (totally UNawesome!) The loop is about 1.75 miles. So far, I've run a few times more -- about every other day. Today was my longest run. I wanted to run 4 miles, but I had to stop at 3.6. My pace was better though. Using my cool new Nike+ IPod, I was able to see my pace per mile. I only have used it for the past two runs, but for my first run with it, I ran 2.6 miles at 9:46/mi. Today I ran 3.6 at 9:20/mi. That's better! I was so exhausted though and a bit disappointed I didn't do the 4 miles. I honestly can NOT imagine how I will EVER run 13.1 miles!!! That seems so far away! And those split times are SO much slower than I used to run in high school. Then again, that was a LOOOOOONG time ago. Actually, I should be pretty proud. I mean, that 3.6 mile run was only my 4th run since spending 6 solid months keeping the couch from flying up into the air. I know, instead of focusing on the daunting distance of 13.1 miles, I will instead try to focus on smaller distances first. I've got the 5 K in March to work towards, then maybe a few months later, I'll do a 10K...I'll get there eventually, RIGHT?! Oh well. Time to focus on the positive -- According to my Smart Coach plan, I am ahead of schedule! Anyone have tips or inspiration to offer?!

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