Sunday, November 7, 2010

Way Harder Than I Thought!

Okay, so earlier this week I read The Law of Attraction by Michael Losier and I decided that whether I believe in everything the guy is saying, the message of positive thinking can't be a bad one, so I thought I'd give a try. Okay, this may not have been the best week to start that. This has been SO difficult! Monday was one of my MOST frustrating teaching days. Here's a sample...

1) Last Friday, my principal declared that we could have a "jeans day" every day for the last two weeks up until winter break for $15. (Teachers in my building often pay money to be able to dress down in jeans. The $$ collected goes to a charity or local needy family.) So anyhow, I was super psyched to be able to wear jeans, I actually went out and bought another pair. As soon as I got home Sunday night, I threw them in the wash so that I could wear them Monday. Okay, so now it's Monday morning, and I'm running late. I run down to the dryer and pull my new jeans out only to find them nearly two sizes smaller than they were the night before! I mean, when I put them on, my legs felt like they were in sausage casing! What the hell?!?! I followed the label instructions! GRRR. I didn't even have time to change or find anything else, so there I was for the rest of the day, stuck in sausage casing!

2) I got to school and almost immediately got a note from a parent saying that she wants all of her son's missing assignments for the past NINE weeks so that he can do them all and get full credit for them. Uh...NO! And if not, she expects me to put together some extra credit work for him because there are only a few days left in the quarter and he can't have a D on his report card. Uh....yeah, I'll get right on that!

3) Just a few minutes later I ask a student to please find his way back to his classroom (which I know is downstairs) and to stop wandering the hallways. He tells me to "mind my own business." Uh...excuse me?!?!? So then of course, I have to confront the whole situation and I'm just thinking, "WHY?! Why did you have to go there? Because now this means paperwork for me, and that is NEVER good." Anyway, the boy refuses to give me his name or even his homeroom teacher, and only continues to say that it's none of my !@#@# business. AWESOME!

4) My principal comes to my room asking me for the locker number of one of my students and his combination since they now have to search his locker after he threatened to kill one of my other students. Kill them?! Please, so unorginal! (Meanwhile, as she's talking to me, I'm hoping she doesn't notice my sausage casing jeans. I might have to pay extra for those!)

All this within about 15 minutes. At this point, I just want to go home and start all over again! Trying to start my positive thinking plan on that Monday was like trying to start a diet on Thanksgiving Day! It's just not possible. Well, there was one ray of light...the teacher next door decided to order in for lunch so we had lunch from my favorite Mexican place down the street. Little things like this make everything all better! :-)

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