Saturday, January 8, 2011

I've Got a Challenge For You!

Okay, you know by now that I think Cards for Heroes is a great program. AND, just the other day I posted about how I want to do some challenges. I also challenged YOU to take some on too. Well, the two have joined! Cards for Heroes is hosting a challenge! For every card you send to them (which will then be forwarded to soldiers overseas so that they can use them to send notes to loved ones,) you will earn one entry. So if you send 20 cards = 20 entries! You can earn entries in other ways too. Then in early Feb, they will draw a name and the winner will receive a bunch of cool prizes! (I think the real prize though is in knowing that you are helping out and doing wonderful things for others who have sacrificed so much! I mean really, stop for a moment and think about what the soldiers and their families have given up for us and for others. Now, how hard is it for us to make or buy just a few cards to send over to them? It's such a small and easy thing for us to, but is one that could be very meaningful to them, so think about it!) Check out the website for more info. You can click HERE or on the banner below!

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