Sunday, January 9, 2011

Proof of the Power of Positivity #1

(Wow, my third post today!) Okay, here is my first list of how the Law of Attraction has worked for me. (See post below.) They may be little things, but that's okay!
  1. One night while I was scrapbooking, there was a tv show on about lucky people. They were asking the question, "Are there people who are really lucky?" One thing I remember from the show is where they took a group of people who considered themselves lucky and one group who considered themselves unlucky. They put money on a street and sent each person walking down that street. Nearly all of the "lucky" people found the money and nearly none of the "unlucky" people found it! After a few more experiements with similar results, they determined that "luck" is really not some cosmic occurance -- it has more to do with perception and observation. People who think they are lucky, expect things to come there way and look for things to come their way. They are more observant and more celebratory of when good things occur.

    I went for a run the next day and was thinking about that money experiment. I thought to myself, "I'm a pretty lucky person. I wonder when I'll find money someday. I just need to be more observant." As I finished my run, I stretched, then started walking over to my car. I decided to take a different way back to the car and just as I cutting through the lot, I looked down and guess what I saw -- a $5 bill! :-)

  2. Last night I was working on a scrapbook project. Last week my DH and I went to Cord Camera to get some cardstock for my projects. I could NOT find the right color cs to save my life, and they have every color cs there imaginable. I gave up. So as I'm working on my project, I think to myself, "I know I have everything I need right here to make this project even better." I decided to look through my old stash of cs, and there is the perfect color I needed! Yea! (Pics of that project to come!)

I hope to add to my list throughout the day! Do you have examples of how the Law of Attraction (or positive thinking at least) has worked for you?! Please share! :-)

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