Friday, September 9, 2011

Clinging to a Dream

I was so pumped about my 8 mile run yesterday, I put aside the fact that my knees were hurting a little during the run. They didn't really hurt bad, just enough to let me know they were there. Well, as the day went on, they were hurting more and more! I did some stretches for my IT band, which usually does the trick, but they only got worse! Walking down the stairs was extremely painful! I wanted to CRY -- not because of the pain, but because of the possible loss of my dream! I've just been getting into a training groove! My long runs have been getting longer than I ever thought and I've been improving with my speedwork. I've been so happy with my progess, I don't want to stop now! Besides that, I can't afford to take time off right now...I have a race I'm already signed up for in less than 4 weeks! That sounds like a lot of time still, but my training runs are scheduled so that I'll be ready just in time for the race. It's a 10-mile race and my longest run so far is only 8. I'll need every day of the 4 weeks to work up to 10-miles and still have some time to rest. BOO HOO!

Well, I've been icing all day long and will do so again tomorrow. I may take off tomorrow and hopefully run Tuesday instead. We'll see. Send me some good health vibes if you can!

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