Monday, November 7, 2011

Getting Into the Groove

After taking yesterday off, I was ready to go out there and try to start building my long runs back up. I decided to just take it easy and start with 5 miles. I checked the weather and it said that the rain would hold off till around noon, so I had a small breakfast, lounged a bit, and got dressed for my run. Since I was planning to be out for nearly an hour, I also charged up my iPod and downloaded a new Podrunner podcast. In case your unfamiliar, Podrunner podcasts are AWESOME! They are house/techno mixes that last around an hour or more and are all set at certain beats per minute (bpm). They work really well for me in terms or helping me keep a consistent pace. Run to the beat and your pretty sure to stay on pace! Going on a slow run, choose a mix at about 145 bpm...going on a faster run, go with a mix at 160, 170 or 180. Want to practice running negative splits (starting off slower, than running progressively faster)? They have mixes that starts at 140 and progressively increase to 180. They've also just started interval mixes -- mixes that vary in bpms -- mostly one bpm with intervals of faster bpms to help you get in that speed work. I love being able to choose the mixes with the bpms that I need for my particular workout. In fact, these mixes are designed specifically for working out and the guy who puts them together, DJ Steve Boyett is a runner himself! I've found that when I run with these mixes, my splits are more consistent AND faster! Here's another thing that I love about Podrunner -- it's a FREE podcast! That's right. Go to iTunes and download a new weekly mix for FREE! Can't beat that!

So anyway, I downloaded a new mix at 150 bpm and headed out the door. It was sprinkling a bit, but not bad. It's been awhile since I ran with my iPod, so I started getting into the groove of the music. I don't usually listen to house/techno, but it really helps me get pumped up while running. Anyway, I ran the first loop of my two loop run feeling a little tired, but pretty good. Just as I was passing my house though and getting ready for the second loop, the rain starting coming down even more. (So much for ACCUweather!) By the time I was at the end of my street, it was a pretty heavy downpour! As I turned the corner, the wind started picking up. I focused on my music and pushed on. As I turned the next corner, the rain started really pelting my face. Running in that headwind was like trying to run through a wall! The techno music was pumping in my ear challenging my legs to move faster and faster -- I felt AWESOME! I pushed even harder and ran that last mile and a half faster than any part of my run! My knees hurt a little throughout, but not enough to bring me down. It was an exhilerating run and I felt so strong afterwards! I love workouts like that! Hopefully I can pull another out like that soon!

After my run, I quickly got cleaned up and my DH and I took his mom and dad out to dinner. It was nice chatting with them. We ended up eating at Max and Erma's too. I LOVE their chocolate cake. It is the BEST I've ever had and I always get a piece anytime we go there. I felt guilty getting it this time though since I usually just go there for a special occasion, but oh well. I just can NOT turn down that chocolatey goodness! Anyway, we had a nice time catching up and I wished her a wonderful Mother's Day! In fact, while I'm at it, happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! <3

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