Tuesday, November 8, 2011

There's No Turning Back!

I have officially registered for the first race in my "Getting my A** Back in Shape" Tour. It's the Twinsburg Bogsucker Strut (who in the world thought of that ridiculous name?!) and it is scheduled for March 15th. That's just a week and a half away! I hope to run a good time. Here are my goal times:

Realistic: around 27:30
Happy: around 26:30
Flippin' Out Excited: Under 26:00

Stay tuned for race results in T-9 days!

So yesterday I was griping about the gross weather conditions. I braved the snow though and completed my tempo workout. I've been excited all week though because I am supposed to do my longest run EVER this Saturday. I want to run 6.2 miles or 10K. I just checked AccuWeather to see the forecast for Saturday. Check it out:

High: 27 °F RealFeel®: 7 °F
Blizzard conditions with strong winds, low visibility and heavy snow, accumulating 4-8"; colder


I'm hoping my new blog template will at least make me FEEL like spring is around the corner!

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