Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Are My Legs Supposed to Feel Like This?!

So I had another trip to the chiro today. Each time I go, I get a little more info! (Here's the medical mumbo jumbo if you really want to know. If not...skip down!) I think I've got it figured out now...It appears the sacroiliac joints in my pelvis are a little off. (You know those two little dimples on either side of your spine way down on your lower back? Those are your sacroiliac joints.) Anyhow, the imbalance causes me to favor one leg a little and has changed my form a little. The other problem is that when I run, I strike down too much on my heels. This is forcing my fibula (the non-weightbearing bone in the lower leg) back farther than it should be. That in turn, pulls on the ligaments which is connected to my knee and THAT is the pain I am experiencing. So to fix all of this, I need to (a) get my joints and such back to where they should be, and (b) learn to run with more of a mid-foot strike than a heal strike. Dr. Craig gave me a few tips on the latter, and they really helped in yesterday's run. I'll try again tomorrow as I try to run 3 miles. Dr. Craig is actually going to watch me run around the parking lot next week to give me more specific tips! Who knew a chiro could do that for you?!

In the meantime, I wanted to stay fit by trying another one of my new workout videos. Today was another Firm video, Bootcamp: Maximum Calorie Burn. Holy guacamole! That video kicked my butt! I think I did a zillion squats! My thighs are like jello! During the video, I kept saying, "OMG, Please be done...oh no, not more squats...I can't feel my legs anymore -- are they still there?!" It was SOOOOOO hard, I was just pouring sweat! I know I am going to be feeling it tomorrow! That's good though. We ordered in for lunch today and I got a stromboli just for myself. I ended up eating the whole thing! It was probably equivalent to 2-3 big slices of pizza. WHOA! It was so yummy though. Hopefully those zillion squats burned off at least a few pepperoni slices!

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