Thursday, July 7, 2011

New School Rules

First Installment in the New Series: Things You Wish You Could Say, but Would Probably Get You Fired!

***Disclaimer: The items posted in this series are just for fun! Please know that my colleagues and I LOVE our students and work hard to create a postive learning environment. We would never actually say these things for obvious reasons. Sometimes, we just need a little humor behind the scenes to help us get through the insanity and that is all this is! So with that said...let the fun begin!***

So I was running across an old Email from a friend and we were talking about rules for the new school year. This came after I emailed her the funny 6th grade stories posted below, so keep that in mind! Here is her list of rules:

#1 Ignore the teacher and do as you please
#2 Treat a few with respect... others.. we'll make fun of them
#3 Laugh when another student asks a question
#4 Come to school if you are up to the work
#5 Do half to 1/4 of any and all assignments
#6 Talk over the teacher if you want your friends to hear you
#7 Ask me all day when lunch is
#8 Tell me when you feel something is boring or not worth your time
#9 Disregard homework
#10 Disregard me
#11 Come to school in the same clothes as yesterday
#12 Pass notes
#13 Pass notes about me
#14 Roll your eyes at anything you agree or disagree with that I say
#15 Complain to your parents about me

Which one is your favorite? Any others we should add?

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