Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome Spring?!

I am excited to have all of this week off for Spring Break, but it sure doesn't feel like spring around here! The temps are still in the 30s and in the 40s on nice days. Awhile back, my husband offered to get me a plane ticket to visit my family in California for this week. I said no because I figured I'd have a lot of stuff to do at home over this break, like cleaning, organizing, stuff like that. I also figured, if I was going to use up a plane ticket to California, I didn't want to just spend a week there, I wanted to go for 10 days at least, maybe even two weeks. I can do that once school is out. Well, can I just say that I am slightly regretting that decision! I've had one day off so far, and I am already getting bored! I cleaned most of the house and organized a few things yesterday. I could probably finish today. I went running and read some magazines, but I'm nearly done with those too. I'll probably read some books now too, but so far...pretty boring! And did I mention the weather is gross too! I'd love to get out and work in the garden, but so much for that. Ugh, I could be reading those magazines and books in the sun-shiny state of California! What was I thinking?! Oh well... I guess I'll try to find some fun stuff to do over this next week. Hopefully I'll get together with some friends I haven't seen in awhile, maybe go shopping... We'll see. I just have to remember that at least I am on vacation! Any day of vacation is better than none!

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