Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All I Need Is A Little Patience -- Easier Said Than Done!

So as you may have read below, last week I went on a 2 mile run and was super psyched to get split times of around 7:14/mile. Well according to my training plan, I was supposed to run 2 miles again yesterday. I was all psyched up, ready to see how awesome my time would be. I was especially anticipating a good time since the weather and running conditions were much better than last week. So I go out feeling pretty good, a little tired, but mostly good. I'm thinking, "I'm definitely going faster than usual." Then I hear my little Nike + iPod lady say in my earphone, "You have reached one mile." I pull out my iPod expecting to see my awesome time, to intead see: PACE=9:27. SAY WHAT?! 9:27?! Is this thing working right?! So I try to pick up the pace and refuse to look back at my iPod until I finish my run. When I am finished, I look at my pace and it says, PACE=8:57. Hmph! That's no 7:14! And I had to work for that 8:57 too. It was a tiring run. I don't get it! :-( I was so dissapointed. I was so excited to see that 7:14 time last week, I started envisioning finish times way better than what I was hoping for before. Well, I guess I need to readjust those times now, back to what they were. I'm beginning to think that 7:14 time was a fluke. All of my other pace times are about the same -- around 9:00 or 9:30 per mile. :-( I was expressing my disappointment to my husband and he reminded me, "Ummm, hello?! You've only been training for 3 weeks. Give it time." NO! I want to be good NOW! I guess I need to pratice a little more patience. It's so hard!

I guess I need to just look at the little progress I've made and focus on that. My overall pace is better -- I started around 9:30 and now I'm down to 9:00 per mile. Also, last week I tried to do a 4 mile run but could only do 3.6. I felt like I could NOT take another step, but this week, I did the full 4 miles, in 2 inches of snow, and it felt just fine. I haven't run 4 miles in a LONG time so that is an accomplishment. This Saturday I'm trying for 4.5. Cross your fingers for me and send out some good vibes. Every little bit helps!

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