Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Miracle Demystified :-(

A few weeks ago, I went on a run in my brand new pair of Mizuno Waverunner 11s. The trail was snow covered and difficult to run on, but I felt pretty good. I felt even better when my Nike + iPod told me that I had completed my 2 miles at a pace of 7:26! I thought, "these are some miraculous shoes!" Well, I never really hit that time again and I was beginning to think it was a fluke. was.

As part of my workout today, I had to do a 1 mile warm up and I decided to do that on the track by my school. The track was snow covered, but no ice, so I did my four laps without much problem. When I finished, I looked at my iPod to see: Distance: 1.32mi. Say WHAT?! Last time I checked, 4 laps around a track = 1 mile...not 1.32. So, there you go. Apparently in snow, my Nike + iPod is not very accurate. :-( Oh well...watcha gonna do?

Now this coming weekend, I am planning to do a long run of 10K or 6.2 miles. I just turned on the news though and they are forecasting "the storm of the year" with projected snowfall totals of possible 1 1/2 feet! Yikes! How will I run 6.2 in THAT?! Ugh...and what makes it even worse -- it is supposed to hit around 8AM Friday morning and go into Saturday which means I don't even get a snow day off of school for it. Oh well...can't win them all!

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