Monday, October 3, 2011

(Sloooowly) Getting Back to Training!

Well I've gone to Dr. Craig now for a few adjustments, and I feel better already. Last week, I tried to do one of my Firm videos -- Total Body Time Crunch. I could only do five minutes before I had to turn it off. My knees hurt too bad. Well, I got my first adjustment the following Saturday and tried the video again that Sunday. I could do the whole thing with no pain in my right knee and only minimal pain in my left! Woo hoo! I did the video again yesterday and felt just as good. I'd say that's progress! I also went for my first run today in a week and a half. It was only a 2 mile run, so I don't know that I can judge that much, but my right knee felt good! My left was still a little painful though. I am hoping that my continued trips to the Chiro will help! I can't wait to get back to training! I sure hope I'll be up to running those 10 miles in a just a little over a week from now! Yikes!

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