Friday, October 7, 2011

That'll Be a Cinch...Famous Last Words

As I was looking over my training program, I decided that I am not doing enough cross training. I thought about working out on my eliptical, but then I remembered an old pilates tape that my mother-in-law let me borrow awhile ago. I decided to give that try. I used to do pilates every other day and really liked it, but the tapes I had were only 15 minutes each, so I'd do two at a time. Well the tape my MIL gave me was 50 minutes. I previewed it a little last night just to make sure I knew how to do everything. I told my husband, "Oh, that looks like a cinch."

So after snacking on some Easter candy this morning, (Happy Easter btw!) I put on some comfy clothes and popped in the 50 minute pilates tape. After about 30 minutes, I knew I was in trouble! Some moves I couldn't do because I was not nearly flexible enough. I even started laughing aloud -- "She wants me to do WHAT?!" My husband came downstairs to see what was so funny. Yeah, it was me. Well, after I shooed him away, I tried a few more exercises -- Holy guacamole -- I was working muscles I didn't know I had! And the crazy pilates instructor just kept introducing more and more AND MORE exercises. It was the workout video that would never end! I finally had to turn it off. It was to the point where I could not even get my body to move in the positions she was telling me to. It was crazy! When I finally got upstairs, I told my husband, "I'd rather run 10 miles than to do THAT again!" He laughed. I will try pilates again, but probably not that tape! Not at least for awhile!

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