Thursday, December 8, 2011

Enjoying My Last Day of Freedom

Well, today is the last official day off I have from teaching. Our winter break is almost over! I know I shouldn't complain because there aren't many jobs where you get a full two weeks off for Christmas and New Years! Still, what can I say? I have been seriously spoiled! No more can I sleep in until 9, cruise the net until 10, and then shop/scrap/craft all day long! No longer can I forget about having to sit down for 3 actual "meals," eating whenever I want, and even better whatever I want! Popcorn for dinner? Why not?! Cookies for breakfast? Go for it! Chips at 11 at night. Yummm. pants are feeling pretty tight lately...Okay, the random eating thing is definitely something I need to get away from! I will miss the tons of time I've had to do fun things though. I even get to blog almost every day! That's been fun! I hope to keep up with it. But wait -- It's not totally over yet though! Today I was able to finish up the cards I started yesterday using January's Sheetload sketch. In case you missed it, HERE is a link to the sketch. I challenged myself to use paper I don't normally use and I think they came out okay! I like how the embossing came out. I used some a powder in a pearl blue. I really like how it came out shiny. I am having so much fun with it!

What I am SUPER excited about is coming up tomorrow. A few of my friends are meeting up at our local Archiver's to do our own little "make-n-take". I am going to teach them how to make explosion boxes, my friend Deb is going to teach stamping techniques, and my other friend Heather is teaching something too. (She's still undecided on what though!) I'm super excited to learn what Deb has to share. She told me a little about it and I can't wait! I'll have to share with you later what we made! After we do our demos, we just going to hang out and scrap or make cards. We are actually doing our make-n-take during the Scrap Mania. It goes from 5-11 and they provide dinner, drink, snacks, a page kit, and prizes. I've never been to one but it sounds like fun! I hope it is something we can do again! I'll let you know how it goes!

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