Friday, December 2, 2011

Running Update: Trying to Stick With It

Before I left for my vacation, I was doing pretty good in keeping up with my running plan. I completed a long run of 12 miles and a few short easy 5 milers before leaving. I packed my shoes in my suitcase along with a few packs of Sports beans and a good assortment of running gear. Ummm, yeah... they never made their way out of my suitcase. DOH! What can I say? I was too busy snorkeling with sea turtles and laying around on the beach! I should feel guilty about that, but... I don't!

So after I returned from vacay, I took a few days to get readjusted and then went out for what I thought was going to be an easy 4 miler. Note key word: thought! OMG, it felt like I was starting completely over again! It was such a hard run. I could barely get through it! I chalked it up to being just a bad run, until I woke up the next morning to find that I could barely move my legs! AHHH! I hadn't been sore from a run in months! And to think -- sore from a 4 miler? Oh no! I went out again for a tough 4 miler and then for a "long" and grueling 8 miler on Saturday. I thought I was going to die during that 8 miler, but I was determined to complete it. Not only did I refuse to give in to the soreness, but with a half marathon in just 3 weeks, I had to get it in! I needed to build back up, and fast!

Luckily, the next week (last week) got easier -- a lot easier! I went out for my 4-5 mile runs on Monday and Wednesday and am happy to report that they felt about 1,000x easier! I was still a little sore the next day, but at least the run itself felt good. Then came my weekend long run -- 10 miles. Physically, it felt better than my previous 8 miler, but mentally it was still tough. I kept thinking, "Am I THERE yet?!" Whaaaa!

After struggling to get back into it, I thought maybe a little new gear might help inspire some motivation. I headed over to my local running store and picked up a new pair of shoes. With 325+ miles on my Mizuno Wave Riders, it was time for a new pair anyway. I ended up getting another pair of the same shoes, but I also got this cool belt with water bottle.

You actually where it so that the bottle and pouch are at your back. It took awhile to get fitted properly, but once I did, it was pretty nice to have! I used to get SOOO thirsty on those long runs, it was nice to be able to get a drink whenever I wanted. It'll still take awhile to get used to wearing though.

So this week I am supposed to run a few easy 4-5 milers and then a long 12 this weekend. With school starting back up though, it will be really hard to get those in! Today was my first day back and with getting home way later than usual, I just didn't get my run in. I'll have to find a way to get it in tomorrow because that half mary is getting closer and closer!

I hope that even though school is starting, I can still fit in all the fun stuff I've come to love doing this summer!

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