Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals Revised

Okay, so the excitement of my last race is starting to wane. I am looking at my goals for my next race and have decided to revise. While I think I can still try for the time goal of running my first 10K in under 54:00, I'm going to go a little more conservative and say that I'd still be pretty happy with a time in the 55s or less. While I hope that'll be enough to place, the bottom line is, placing can't be part of my goal. The only thing I can control is my own training and how well I perform on race day. I can't do anything about the number of runners who show up or how fast they may be. I could run a 52 minute 10K and it may be #1 or it could be #100, it just depends on who else shows up! So, I need to let the dream go a little and refocus on just keeping a time goal. If I do end up placing, well, that's just a bonus.

Also, I have to remind myself that as fun as these races can be, the main reason I am running them is to keep on track with my half marathon training. My original goal in running the 10K was to get as close to 55 as possible, seeing as how that would get me close to my goal of running a 2 hour or less half mary. Obviously, the lower in the 50s (or maybe even 40s, dare I say?) that I can get, the better my 2 hour or less half mary looks, but I have plenty of time to get there. The 10K I'm talking about here is 12 weeks away from my half mary! I have plenty of time to work on it and get faster!

On a different note, tomorrow is my last day of school. While I will miss seeing my students, I am looking forward to having some time this summer to do some other things. I definitely want to reorganize parts of the house and finish decorating. There are still some rooms we have yet to finish painting and we've been living here 3 years now! I have some reading to catch up on and friends I haven't seen in way too long! I also look forward to being able to run whenever I want to. Some days, it's so hard to squeeze it in. It'll be nice to really have the time and energy to focus on my training. Then of course, there'll be those days where I just lounge on my back deck soaking in the rays! Summer, here I come!

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