Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Keep Em' on A Leash!

I was supposed to do a speedwork run today but couldn't use the track since it was still covered with snow. I tried to do it on the trail, but it was tricky. I wasn't feel all that good either, so that didn't help. What really tripped me up was a couple of Fidos! Now don't get me wrong -- I really do like dogs, but if your walking your dog on a trail, it should be on a leash. Here's why: I come running down the trail trying my hardest to maintain my 4 minute 800 meter pace, (which by the way, is torturous in itself at this point in running plan) when I see two dogs and their owner up ahead. I notice the dogs aren't on their leash, but I think, "Well, if the owner trusts the dogs to be off their leash, they must be pretty good." But then as I approach even closer I think, "Hmmmm, me running...ferocious beasts loose...not a good combo." Actually they weren't that ferocious -- more like insanely hyperactive. So anyway, I try to maintain my pace as one of the dogs comes straight for me! I kiddingly say, "Oh, hello there!" and try to make my way around as the owner is just yelling at his dog. Then when I pass the dog and think that he is gone, he runs right in between my legs nearly knocking me over! HELLO?! And to think, I'm actually worried at this point that I stepped on the dog's paw and am concerned that IT'S okay! Does the owner care about me though? Yeah, not so much! Grrrr. I shrug it off though and continue on my way.

Well, when I finish my run, I stop at the pavilion by the trail end to stretch and to wait for the other girl I went running with. Apparently, she too had a run in with the overzealous canines! One dog jumped on my friend who had headphones on, got caught on the cord and nearly ripped them off her head. Yikes! Keep these pups under control!

On a more positive note, my students pointed out today that we are now in the 4th quarter -- less than 45 school days until SUMMER! What's even better is that after looking at the calendar, I realized that after next week, I have Spring Break. Yea #1. After Spring Break, there are 4 weeks until Ohio Achievement Test time. As stressful as those weeks will be, they will fly by with all of the work we have to fit in. That's good! Yea #2. After the OATs, we can FINALLY relax and I can teach fun stuff! Yea #3. I only have a few weeks to do that though because we have to start getting ready for 6th grade camp! (Yes, that's right. We take 300 12 year-olds and set them loose in the wilderness. Oh yeah -- and we go too! The camp is located on Lake Erie though, which I LOVE!) Yea #4. The very next week, I go on a field trip to Michigan to help chaperon for two days. It's a fun trip and being outside of the classroom is a nice change. Yea #5. And here comes the best -- after the Michigan trip, only 2 days of school left! We started the school year early, which means we finish early! We are finished May 30th! Yea #6-100! Hopefully I'll have a job for next year to look forward to. :-)

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