Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Boo-Yah! My Dream Just May Come True!

And which dream is that? Well, that would be the dream to complete a half marathon in under 2 hours. And how did I choose that arbitrary time? Well, there is one woman that I work with who is a super crazy good runner. She told me that she ran her first at around 2 hours. So then I'm thinking that I should at least run as close to 2 hours as possible since basically, she's my running idol. The other reason I chose 2 hours is this: My one friend who is a casual runner (meaning she never really trains for anything -- just runs 3-6 miles every now and then because she likes it) spontaneously decides that she's going to sign up for the Chicago half and run it. Yeah...she signed up like a week before the race, went out and ran it in "around 2 hours". Say what?! Now yes, she does admit that she had to pray her way through the last few miles, but still, totally minimal "training" and running a half in 2 hours?! Okay, I've GOT to do better than that with all that I am doing. So anyhow, the goal is UNDER 2 hours now.

Well, I just entered in my unofficial 10K time of 54:20 in the Running Times Calculator and it projects a half mary time for me of...1 hour, 59 minutes, 59 seconds! Woo hoo -- I'll take it! (As a side note, I also check my projected time using the McMillan Calculator. Yeah, it said my half mary time would be 2 hours, 0 minutes, 54 seconds. Clearly WRONG!) And I still have 12 weeks to train too so hopefully I'll have a sub 2 hour half mary in the bag! I'd do a happy dance, but I'd probably jinx myself, and fall and break my ankle. :-)

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