Thursday, May 10, 2012

College Memories: Is This A Dorm or a Brothel?!

So as I was writing my cousin about college, I couldn't help but remember my first college roommate experience. I can pretty much sum up our experience in this one story...

So the first night I'm there, she offers to take my to the this party with her. She already knows a bunch of people there since half her high school went to the same college. Well I figure, that'll be a great way to meet some new people so I say sure. So after checking out some various college clubs, we hit this party around 11ish. I hang out at the party for awhile, but it's overall lame, so I leave around 1AM. I head back to the dorm and go to bed. Around 3ish, I hear the door open and my roomie is talking to some guy in the hallway. I'm thinking, "Oh come ON, it's 3AM, say goodnight already. I'm trying to sleep!" Anyhow, they keep chatting so I throw the covers over my head and I fall back to sleep.

Okay, so there I am, all in dreamland and I suddenly awaken to my bed (which is a BUNK bed) rocking in a rhythmic fashion. In a sleepy grog, I'm like, "What the heck is going on?" I throw the covers off of my head and look across the room into the huge mirror on the opposite wall only to see my roomie and some gross dude totally getting it on in the bed above me. Ugh, GROSS! Get a room...oh, and one that is NOT mine. And for that matter, get a that is not attached to MINE! OMG, I mean, how classy is that?!

And that is pretty much how that first semester went. There would be times when I would be in the common area on our floor studying and I'd have to go back to my room to get a highlighter or something. I'd walk in (door not even locked) again to see my roomie and her boy-of-the-day getting it on right on the floor. I'd just step right over them to get my highlighter, wanting to poke my eyes out with it the whole way out. They never even noticed me. ***shuddering at the memory***

She was a nice enough girl, but OMG, I felt like I was living in a brothel! I cried no tears when she left to go live in the sorority house.

So, do you have any crazy roommate stories?

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