Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Trauma

After my big race, I was so looking forward to visiting with Dr. Craig. My body SO felt like it needed a good adjustment. Anyhow, when I went in today, everyone was asking me about the race. I had a lot of fun sharing. I even brought my medal. (Yes, I'm a total dork!) Afterwards, Dr. Craig spent some extra time adjusting me. He said that he needed to spend a little more time realigning my body after "sustaining the trauma of a 10 mile run". I thought that was kind of funny! If a 10-mile run is "traumatic," what's a 26.2 run like?! Anyhow, I do feel phenomenally better after my visit. He gave me additional exercises to work my knee too. Both knees felt pretty good during my race, with only periodic, marginal pain. I actually forgot all about my knees -- I was too busy concentrating on the race. It wasn't until after the race was over that things started tightening up. I could barely walk down the stairs Saturday night! While Dr. Craig said that he expected some pain for me after a 10 mile run, he said that my knee pain should really be subsiding a little quicker than it is. He's concerned about the arch support in my shoes now too. Ugh, I can't wait till my knee pain is G-O-N-E! Luckily, I have no big races coming up, so I can really take my time healing and working my up to those bigger miles again (as opposed to going from 3 miles to 10 in just a week! But hey, I got a cool medal and an awesome race experience! So worth it!)

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