Thursday, April 12, 2012

At Least Something is Enjoying This Heat

While I am melting in these hot temps during my runs (it's up to 93* today!) at least my roses are enjoying it. The heat has spurred these babies to open up those blooms. Here are my favorite roses in our front bed. The roses are called, 'Earth Song'.

What's that twig in the middle of the garden bed? That's another 'Earth Song'! The roots on these roses have really spread out. They're trying to make another rosie! :-) Here are some up-close pics...

All the roses in our back yard are blooming too. We have a bunch of them all along our deck. Here's 'Molineux' AKA Molly.
Too bad I can't stand to be outside for more than 10 minutes to look at them. Too hot! Ugh! Today's actually supposed to be the last day of this kind of heat. It should be back into the 70s and 80s by tomorrow. Thank goodness!

Well, after some thought, and after receiving some great advice from the RW forums (thanks Kai), I don't think I'll just that running club I wrote about yesterday. I didn't want to sound conceited and say, "This is too easy for ME!" but the bottom line is, it just doesn't match where I am in terms of training. If I'm running 8-9 miles now on my long run, it would be pointless to go out and do 35 minutes as my "long run" as is suggested in the program. I could always do the 8-9 on my own, but then that defeats the purpose of joining a group. I took some advice and looked online at other local running stores. Another running specialty store in the area (Vertical Runner) is also hosting a fall marathon / half marathon training group. I emailed the person organizing the groups with some info about myself and he gave me a training schedule which is perfectly in line with what I'm already doing! So glad to find that! One downside to the group though is that the half mary they are training for is not the one I was planning on doing, which is the Cleveland River Run. They are training for the Akron Half Marathon and the Towpath Half Marathon. I was wondering if maybe I could do the River Run AND one of the other half marathons they are training for. The one I would most likely be interested in is the Towpath half marathon since it is about 5 weeks after the River Run. That should be enough recovery time, don't you think? I've heard the course is really beautiful too, so running both is definitely a possibility. The only other downside to joining this training group is actually kind of silly! They meet once a week to do group runs together (usually the LSD run) and the runs start at 7:00AM! The place they start from too is about 30 minutes from my house which means that I would have to wake up by 6:15AM on a Saturday morning. AHHHHHHH! I am SO not a morning person! And 6:15 -- holy cow! That's what time I get up for work everyday during the school year! To have to lose one of my two sleeping-in days...uhhhhhh. Now that I am on summer though, I don't mind giving up my Saturday sleeping-in day seeing as how I can sleep in the other six days of the week (tee-hee). The only problem there is that because I do sleep in the other six days, it is that much more torturous to get up at 6:15 when I have to! Boo hoo! Well, the program hosted by Vertical Runner lets us try it out for a month before committing, so we'll see how it goes this June. I won't even officially start anyhow since the first group run is this Saturday and I have a race that day. I guess a lot of people are also going to that same race though since they said their first "kick off" run will be the following Saturday. Maybe I can meet some of them at my race on Saturday. Speaking of that...

Awhile ago I posted about how I SO wanted to place at the race that is coming up this weekend, the Jim Klett Memorial 10K. I have never run a 10K before, but based on my last race time, the McMillian Calculator says that I should be able to run a 10K in about 54 minutes. That would be awesome and could earn me some hardware! I can't say that I have been training super hard core for this race though. I've gotten a little distracted with some work stuff as well as stuff around the house. I've definitely been running my 4 days/week, in fact, just this week, I hit an all time high of miles/week: 20.9! It's not a lot to some, but it is for me! Anyhow, while I've been getting the miles in, I haven't done any traditional "speedwork". I've been running some hilly courses, but nothing that really pushes a consistent pace on a flat course. I need to do some tempo running. I can probably get two more runs in before the race. Tomorrow will actually be perfect to do a tempo run. Hope it's not too little, too late!

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